List of interesting burials

These are a few of the interesting burials in the cemeteries:.

14 individual found


Surname Forename(s) Age   death Comments  
Attrill Frederick James88y 21 Nov 1926 Shell House creatorView record
Bourner George74y 1 May 1895 Late coachman to the Queen.[Victoria]View record
Damant Eleanor May76y 29 Oct 1969 Wife of Gybon Damant RN DiverView record
Goatley Frederick71y 4 Oct 1949 boat designerView record
Gregory Charles86y 1896 Marine artist.View record
Gregory George89y 1938 marine artistView record
Hall John70y 9 Jan 1891 Storekeeper for Queen Victoria, Osborne.View record
Ladd William Henry65y 22 May 1934 Bandmaster on the AquitaniaView record
Mist Harry17y 9 Sep 1890 RN, Boy 1st ClassView record
Mylonas Nicolas28y 14 Mar 1924 2nd Class Petty Officer, Greek NavyView record
Parsons Alfred Stanley53y 6 Oct 1937 Lighthouse KeeperView record
Robinson John James31y 20 Feb 1892 Domestic ServantView record
Weblin Henry40y 31 Aug 1893 Coal porter and Storekeeper for Q VictoriaView record
White Charles Middlecott20y 4 Feb 1896 GentlemanView record